RHGS Knockout

  • A Knockout competition, open to all Members will be arranged at the beginning of each year.  The Knockout is played throughout the year with the final being played prior to the end of November in that year.  R&A Rules will apply.  This is played on an individual match play basis with full handicap allowance (i.e. The full difference of the two handicaps) with no courtesy shots given.

  • It is the responsibility of both players to contact each other to arrange their match.  Each match must be completed by the date stipulated on the top of the "Draw" page.  No excuses will be accepted for any matches not completed by then.  If a match is not completed on time, then the decision will be made by the toss of a coin at the next RHGS Committee meeting or sooner in the presence of at least one RHGS committee member. 

  • For 1st Round and those already paired in the 2nd Round first specified name for each game decides on the venue.  For subsequent rounds first person of the 2 to complete their game and notify the RHGS has choice of venue.  Any green fees for each game will be shared equally between the two players.

  • The entries are based on those players who expressed interest in being in the Knockout competition.  In the first round if you contact your partner and he wished to opt out of the Knockout you obtain a bye.

  • The final will be played at a course that is mutually agreed by the finalists and may be a course where neither finalist is or has been a member.  The Society will fund the green fees final of the KO to the tune of £120. To be spent on green fees only. 

  • A trophy will be awarded to the winner, but the event will not be a Qualifying Competition.  That said, the eventually winner will have his handicap reduced by 2 shot and the runner-up by 1 shot as per the handicap rules.

  • Please post results on the RHGS website. The 2018 Knockout will be run and managed by the Committee. In the case of any disputes the Committee’s, decision will be final.

5th February 2018

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