RHGS Handicaps


  • Responsibility: It is the responsibility of each Member to ensure that they are playing from their correct Society handicap. The current handicaps are shown on the Handicap sheet on the RHGS web site.  http://www.rhgs.net/handicaps.html 
  • Qualifying events: Handicaps are based on each player's results in Society Stableford events, these include the President’s Trophy events (Spring, Summer, Captain’s Day and Autumn) as well as the Away Days. The Memorial Trophy and the Past Captains’ Match are not qualifying events.
  • Club handicaps: The Event Secretary is responsible for the calculation of Members' Society handicaps.  In essence, a Member's handicap can be the same or lower than their official club handicap; it can never be higher.
  • When: Increases to handicaps, bringing them in line with a club handicap, can only be made following the Member playing in an RHGS qualifying competition. However, a reduction in a club handicap will be actioned immediately. 
  • Winning: A Member winning a qualifying Stableford competition will have their handicap reduced by 2 shots. 
  • More than 37: In addition, a Member’s handicap will be reduced by 1 shot if they score 37 or more Stableford points in a competition, irrespective of winning or not winning the competition.
  • Maximum reduction: A Member’s handicap cannot be lower than 5 shots from their current club handicap.
  • Buffer zone: After each completed competition the RHGS handicap can only be increased by a maximum of 1 shot and no higher than the players’ current club handicap only if the Member shot 30 Stableford points or lower. However, winning with 30 or less the Member will be cut 2 shots.  Also, an N/R (non-return) will not affect a handicap.
  • Year-end: At the end of the golfing year, the overall winner of the President’s Trophy will have their handicap cut by 2 shots.  The winner of the Knockout Competition will be cut by 2 shots and the Runner-Up of the Knockout Competition will be cut by 1 shot. The winner of the Trier’s Trophy will have their handicap reduced by 1 shot.
  • Rejoining: Any player leaving the society and then rejoining within 3 years will be allotted the handicap that they had on the date that they originally left the society or their current club handicap whichever is the lower. If the player re-joins after a period of 3 years then their society handicap will be their current club handicap.
  • No club handicap: If a player does not have an official club handicap or an inactive handicap, then the Events Secretary will allocate a suitable handicap and assess the standard of play at RHGS events. This will be shown as his “Club Handicap” on the Handicap Sheet.
  • Decisions: In the event of any dispute, interpretation or application of the RHGS handicap system the Events Secretary’s decision will be final.
  • Maximum Handicap: The maximum playing handicap will be 36. 



  • If winning with 37 or more points the winner is cut 3 shots (2 for winning and 1 for being more than 37 points)
  • Likewise winning with 40 points the winner would still be cut 3 shots. 
  • Winning with 36 points, they would be cut 2 shots.
  • Winning with 34 points, they would be cut 2 shots.
  • Winning with 29 points, they would be cut 2 shots 
  • Scoring 38 points and not winning, they would be cut 1 shot
  • Scoring between 31 and 36 and not winning; their handicap will not be increased
  • Scoring 30 or less and not winning, their handicap will be increased by 1 shot to be lower than or equal to their club handicap.


Use this form to notify the Society of a change to your club handicap. 

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