Welcome to the RHGS Clothing Collection. In response to several Society Members who have requested Golf Shirts and Jumpers with the RHGS logo, we are pleased to be able to offer these again. 


On the attached pages, you can see what can be provided and going from experience, we have decided to opt for quality items from Glenmuir for both the shirts and jumpers.

The RHGS logo can be added as either full colour or tonal (based on the colour of the garment). Likewise, the clothing can be supplied in the colours available from Glenmuir.

Prices range from £26 to £40 for shirts and £55 to £65 for jumpers including logos and delivery.

To help you customise and visualise your selection there are links direct to the Glenmuir site for colours, descriptions and sizes. However, do not order from the Glenmuir site; place your order via Josh who can be emailed at rhgs49@gmail.com